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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We've all heard the slogan "One for One" of TOMS shoes... and guess what friends?
I bought a pair.
I spent my very own 46 dollars on a pair of olive green TOMS. Not gonna lie... I love them. I definitely was against them for a really long time too. Then I just realized, holy crap... these are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn! Therefore, they're now my favorites. 
Why not buy a pair of cute and super comfortable shoes, and then at the same time give a pair of shoes to some needy kids in a third world country? I don't see why not. With what we have here in America it couldn't hurt to be a little bit charitable. 
To the boys out there... please don't buy TOMS. Unless you're super urban style and can pull them off, just don't get them. They make girls pause and ponder about you. 
Long story short, yes, I am promoting these shoes. They're cute, comfy, and charitable. 3 C's that ultimately seem important. 

Listening to: Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Fall Out Boy

1 comment:

Mrs. D said...

haha you and sarah girlies and your TOMS :)