Monday, January 31, 2011

One For The Books

    Maybe this whole blogging thing will work out this time. I tried it in 7th grade, and it seemed to go alright so why not try it again? My life is a lot more interesting now anyways. Not really sure how often i'll post, but we'll just go with the flow. I am definitely making a blog at 9:30 instead of doing my homework that's due tomorrow if you were wondering, no worries. Story of my life is all.
    Saturday, I did just happen to attend the best party of my life though courtesy of my bestie T.Rose turning sweet 16! Boss party if you ask me. All of my favorite people were there, Mr. Rose definitely performed, sat in the Lexus for a good 30 minutes, and even though I was sweaty and gross from coming straight from Volleyball I still loved it. Happy Birthday Tay~! Let's get into some shinnanigans. Oh and can't forget the Power 4 + Cole Gordon, and Bobby Dean. They're boss :)