Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh High School

So it's a been a while. I've been thinking though, and i've decided that....
I Really Love High School
From the age of whenever you start watching TV shows and movies, we're trained to think that High School is one big scary place with big crowded hallways, jocks, preps, nerds, emo's, and mean bullies who will trash can little kids. 
(Although I have been trash canned this year, thank you Taylor and Courtney.) 
In all reality... well it does have those things oddly enough. Obviously not as much as movies play it out to be, but the hallways at Provo High are crowded and dark sometimes. There are different "groups" of kids that hang out with "their own kind."... and kids definitely do get trash canned. More of a joke than cruelty though. 
The thing that I love most about High School? 
My Friends
Yeah, yeah I know I had a whole post about how much I love my friends... but I really owe a lot of what I am today to them. They're the ones that have been there for me through everything. Guy problems, chick drama, studying for tests, partying on the weekends, homework help, showing me what I should be listening to, humor that gets me through my day, and loving ME for ME.
Oh Lonely Freshman Year...
 I had no idea what I was missing last year. I was so afraid to hang out with people for some stupid reason.
I was too worried about school.
Too absorbed in stupid things.
Didn't listen to music. (Good music)
Couldn't dress myself in a stylish outfit worth my life.
Crooked teeth? A struggle.
Sophomore Year
My life is a different place than it was last year. My classes are definitely 100x harder, and i'm for sure 1000x busier... but I still find ways to make my high school life fun. That's where my friends come in again. They take that stress out of my life even for a little bit so we can just laugh and have fun together. 
Anyways... this is just more rambling about stuff I love. Which seems to be all my posts. I've accepted it though, and I'm moving on. :) 

Kind of love this picture of our team 
This weekend i'm off to Viva Las Vegas for my volleyball tournament with my BOSS team. I'll be sure to get back to you on how that goes :)

Good ol' PHS

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We've all heard the slogan "One for One" of TOMS shoes... and guess what friends?
I bought a pair.
I spent my very own 46 dollars on a pair of olive green TOMS. Not gonna lie... I love them. I definitely was against them for a really long time too. Then I just realized, holy crap... these are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn! Therefore, they're now my favorites. 
Why not buy a pair of cute and super comfortable shoes, and then at the same time give a pair of shoes to some needy kids in a third world country? I don't see why not. With what we have here in America it couldn't hurt to be a little bit charitable. 
To the boys out there... please don't buy TOMS. Unless you're super urban style and can pull them off, just don't get them. They make girls pause and ponder about you. 
Long story short, yes, I am promoting these shoes. They're cute, comfy, and charitable. 3 C's that ultimately seem important. 

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do. What. You. Love.

To me, it seems like the saddest things in the world would be stuck doing something you hate.
If you had to wake up everyday knowing that you were heading to the same old thing that you can't stand going to, that's hell to me. People ask me all the time if I'm sad that I miss out on dances, friends, and other random high school things because of volleyball. What's always my answer?
H word No!
I love Volleyball. If I didn't love it, bottom line is I wouldn't spend so much of my time and effort on it. 
If I didn't love it, all my countless hours, dollars, blood sweat and tears, would be a complete waist. There will always be more weekends to hang out with friends. There's going to be at least 20 more school dances that I can go to. There's only one time to make me the best I can be at my sport though.

The older I get, the more competitive Volleyball gets. I have to work harder to make teams, work harder to beat other teams, and straight up work my butt off to even think about being successful in it. This is the time where you're finding out whether or not you have what it takes to play in college or not. Why screw up possibly my whole future as a college volleyball player (hopefully) for one week of blowing it off to go to a dance or a party? Three words for ya friends....
Not worth it.
Call me crazy, tell me that I'm too into Volleyball and sacrifice too much. I'll simply call you crazy in return. I'm sorry that you don't have something you love driving your every action. I do miss out on fun times with friends, I do wake up at 6:30 AM in the summer to condition, and I do spend thousands of hours in a gym, hot and sweaty year round for one cause...


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Plain and simple.... I Love My Friends. They make me so happy, that words probably can't really describe my level of happiness when i'm with them. Sure we do crazy and most likely unnecessary things, and sometimes we do absolutely nothing. Whatever is going down, if we're all together it's the best night ever. Is it 30 degrees outside? Are we still hanging out outside? Check that. Playing black ops, sitting around playing and singing to the guitar, watching movies, playing bubble shooter, spooling, basketball games, football games, lunch, listening to music, laughing at stupid people, walking on ice, eating TONS of otter pops, tanning, playing in the snow, temple square, chilling at T. Rose's house, Facebook stalking, watching sports, making awkward situations, sleeping over, running around wreaking havoc, and doing whatever else the heck we end up doing.... I love every random minute of it. If I had a picture of every single on of my friends I would definitely put it on... but since I don't... a heart will have to suffice. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Provo Utah with a high of.... 18??

Of course, on the day I have to wear a skirt to school just happens to be the day that the temperature high is a whopping 18 degrees friends! What's the low? 4 degrees. Even better! Utah is a frozen tundra this time of year. Oh, except there's no snow on the ground. Forgot that minor detail... I might be enjoying this a little bit more if there were snow. Bottom line is, I can't wait for the SUMMER. Tan skin, smiles, sunshine, warmth, happiness, smiles, all nighters, conditioning at 7 AM, walking around barefoot, shorts, tank tops, swim suits, seven peaks, baseball games, the res, friends, sleepovers (especially on my tramp), sleeping in, beach volleyball, sandals, vacations, freedom, and whatever else you might associate with summer... I miss it. Definitely feeling like winter needs to fast forward, that would be just grand. Please and thank you Mother Nature. :)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parmesan Goldfish, Cache Valley String Cheese, & Taco Tuesday

Best Flavor. Super Addicting.
Best String Cheese Known To Man
Parmesan Goldfish, combined with Cache Valley String Cheese? Definitely my favorite snack on this entire planet. I could eat this all day everyday no questions asked. So addicting... but only perfect with the Parmesan, and Cache Valley Cheese. Other combinations just do not stand up to the test.  So yummy
Super Cheap Decent Tacos
Also my favorite parts about Tuesdays? Number one, I have practice which has never failed to make me ridiculously happy. Number two, Taco Tuesday at Del Taco baby. Me and one of my team mates named Mack (Makota) have started this tradition of after practice on tuesdays hitting up the Del Taco right next to Open Court. Brilliant plan. 3 tacos for a buck? Have you ever heard a better deal than that one? Probably not, cause I'm pretty positive there isn't one out there. Not the best tacos in the world, in fact I definitely prefer Taco Bell taco's... but none the less quantity over quality just wins me over on this one.