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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parmesan Goldfish, Cache Valley String Cheese, & Taco Tuesday

Best Flavor. Super Addicting.
Best String Cheese Known To Man
Parmesan Goldfish, combined with Cache Valley String Cheese? Definitely my favorite snack on this entire planet. I could eat this all day everyday no questions asked. So addicting... but only perfect with the Parmesan, and Cache Valley Cheese. Other combinations just do not stand up to the test.  So yummy
Super Cheap Decent Tacos
Also my favorite parts about Tuesdays? Number one, I have practice which has never failed to make me ridiculously happy. Number two, Taco Tuesday at Del Taco baby. Me and one of my team mates named Mack (Makota) have started this tradition of after practice on tuesdays hitting up the Del Taco right next to Open Court. Brilliant plan. 3 tacos for a buck? Have you ever heard a better deal than that one? Probably not, cause I'm pretty positive there isn't one out there. Not the best tacos in the world, in fact I definitely prefer Taco Bell taco's... but none the less quantity over quality just wins me over on this one.


Lind-SAY said...

Oh you can't forget Monday's pickles and Apple Izze's.

Makenna Daniels said...

Of course! How could I forget! :)