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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Provo Utah with a high of.... 18??

Of course, on the day I have to wear a skirt to school just happens to be the day that the temperature high is a whopping 18 degrees friends! What's the low? 4 degrees. Even better! Utah is a frozen tundra this time of year. Oh, except there's no snow on the ground. Forgot that minor detail... I might be enjoying this a little bit more if there were snow. Bottom line is, I can't wait for the SUMMER. Tan skin, smiles, sunshine, warmth, happiness, smiles, all nighters, conditioning at 7 AM, walking around barefoot, shorts, tank tops, swim suits, seven peaks, baseball games, the res, friends, sleepovers (especially on my tramp), sleeping in, beach volleyball, sandals, vacations, freedom, and whatever else you might associate with summer... I miss it. Definitely feeling like winter needs to fast forward, that would be just grand. Please and thank you Mother Nature. :)

Listening To: Solo Dolo, Kid Cudi

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