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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Plain and simple.... I Love My Friends. They make me so happy, that words probably can't really describe my level of happiness when i'm with them. Sure we do crazy and most likely unnecessary things, and sometimes we do absolutely nothing. Whatever is going down, if we're all together it's the best night ever. Is it 30 degrees outside? Are we still hanging out outside? Check that. Playing black ops, sitting around playing and singing to the guitar, watching movies, playing bubble shooter, spooling, basketball games, football games, lunch, listening to music, laughing at stupid people, walking on ice, eating TONS of otter pops, tanning, playing in the snow, temple square, chilling at T. Rose's house, Facebook stalking, watching sports, making awkward situations, sleeping over, running around wreaking havoc, and doing whatever else the heck we end up doing.... I love every random minute of it. If I had a picture of every single on of my friends I would definitely put it on... but since I don't... a heart will have to suffice. 

1 comment:

Mrs. D said...

haha love the fish. consider yourself stalked.